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Are you a new patient? Here’s how to prepare for your first visit with us and get started with therapy.


What To Expect On Your First Visit
Your first visit will last approximately one hour and will include a comprehensive evaluation and appropriate treatment administered by a licensed physical therapist. Your physical therapist will review your medical history, diagnostic tests and any recent events that may have contributed to your current condition. Your evaluation will include an assessment of your current functional deficits and pain level as well as a thorough evaluation of your flexibility, strength, balance, and endurance.

Communication between the patient and physical therapist is of utmost importance at Back in Action Therapy, and you are an active participant in your recovery.

What should I wear? Do I need to bring anything?
Please wear comfortable clothes that allow for movement.

We also ask that you bring your ID card (drivers license, military ID, valid state ID), insurance card(s), the prescription from your healthcare provider and any other reports. If you have braces, splints, or crutches, please bring them, as well.

What should I expect during my appointment?
During your first appointment, an expert therapist will complete a comprehensive evaluation, evaluating your current condition and allowing us to determine the most appropriate course of treatment. Once a course of treatment has been established, we’ll talk about incorporating home exercise programs to supplement your visits. The appointment should take about an hour.



Many people are skeptical about how physical therapy can help them, and there are a lot of misconceptions about the field as a whole. If you’re suffering from an injury and looking for the best option for care, there are a few reasons why physical therapy could be right for you.

Why Physical Therapy?
Physical therapy is a cost-effective treatment designed to get you back on your feet quickly and with lasting results. Not only do most insurance providers cover some form of physical therapy, it has also been proven to reduce medical costs by diminishing the need for unnecessary prescription drugs, imaging scans, or surgeries.

Our therapists are experts in the management of musculoskeletal disorders and are committed to providing superior healthcare from start to finish. The same therapist will provide your care from identification of a treatment plan through the final visit, ensuring consistent, best-quality care.

Do I need a referral from my physician to schedule an appointment?
Yes. Physicians, dentists, chiropractors, podiatrists, physician assistants, and advanced nurse practitioners of all types (midwives, clinical specialists, FNPs) can prescribe physical therapy. If you’ve already been referred, please schedule an appointment here (link to contact form).

Who will be in charge of my treatment?
After you are referred to Back in Action Therapy, a physical therapist will complete a comprehensive evaluation which will then be used to formulate a treatment plan. To ensure that you receive the consistent, quality care you deserve, you will be seen by the same therapist throughout the course of your treatment.
Additionally, we will remain in contact with your referring physician so they are constantly in the loop as you progress.

How does billing work?
Back in Action Therapy is in-network with most insurance carriers. If you have insurance, the first thing we’ll do is verify your benefits so that we know how much your co-pay for therapy costs. We collect this co-pay at your visit and apply it to your account. We also submit a claim to your insurance company so they know you have come to see us. It typically takes your insurance company about 45 days to process this claim.

Do you accept my insurance?
We accept United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, VA, Workers’ Compensation, Medicare, Medicaid and more. If you are unsure whether or not we accept your insurance, please call us at (575)439-9878.

We Work With Many Insurance Providers Including:

•  Tricare, Tricare for Life
•  Medicare
•  Blue Cross Blue Shield
•  Medicaid

•  Presbyterian
•  United Healthcare
•  VA
•  Workman’s Compensation
•  And More!

Let us know how we can help. Call our office with any questions!

Alamogordo: (575) 439-9878

Las Cruces: (575) 222-0188